domingo, 10 de julho de 2016


I have got a sense of wonder on my mind!
I always am inspired by you!
I am so happy now!
Because, I only am happy when I am myself!
I'm just myself, just  when I'm with you!
This happens anywhere in the world!
We may be in Torrinha, San Francisco, Bauru, Uchoa...
We may be in Las Vegas, in the clouds on a flight, at last...
...Or in our well-deserved rest on our bed ...
I am a hummingbird and you are my favorite cattleya orchid!
You are my life!
Please forget my faults and my slip-ups!
My slip-ups and mistakes are involuntary, because I'm super active!
I do things I am good at!
I always let my heart be my guide!
I like when I am stay close to you!
My life is God, you, my family and my friends!
I got your name tattooed in my heart!
Only and only you! That is enough in my life!

Foz do Iguaçu, 10/07/2016
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